Edgerton House 25th Anniversary Gala

The Edgerton House Association would like to cordially and enthusiastically invite all MIT graduate students to join us next Thursday (May 26) at the MIT Museum for an evening of much food (and drink ūüôā ), cool giveaways, and great merriment all around ‚ÄĒ we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Edgerton House‚Äôs existence, as well as the incredible work of Doc Edgerton himself. The event will also feature three very neat talks:
“History of Edgerton House”
O. Robert Simha, Director of Planning for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1960 to 2000
“Stories of Working with Doc Edgerton”
J. Kim Vandiver, Ph.D., worked with Doc Edgerton in the 1970s as a student in ‚ÄúStrobe Project Lab‚ÄĚ
“Doc Edgerton‚Äôs Images of Discovery”
Deborah Douglas, Ph.D., Director of MIT Museum
Tickets are¬†free but limited¬†‚ÄĒ register for the event¬†here.
This event has been awesomely supported by the GSC Funding Board, OneMIT, ASA LEF, and the MIT Division for Student Life.

Biweekly Social 5/1/16

It’s time for our “Bi-weekly” social again. There will be food ( probably Chinese from the Royal East ) and maybe some other fun surprises depending on the weather so make sure to stop by!

As always you are encouraged to help save the environment by bringing your own forks and plates.

Biweekly social 4/10/2016

It’s been slightly more than 2 weeks since our last “biweekly” social. Remedy:


There won’t actually be fishes. Apologies to the fish enthusiasts. You should bring your own forks, plates & utensils though.

The food will be Mediterranean / Middle Eastern, fresh from Pita: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pita-boston-5. If you have dietary restrictions, please alert me to them and I’ll modify the order accordingly.

This event is happening Sun 4/10 7pm, in the Edgerton large lounge.

Edgerton Orientation Events 2014

It’s the start of a new school year, and Edgerton has many events for residents old and new!

1) 7 pm on 8/25: Edgerton House social
Featuring free food and a special guest, Libby Mahaffy, who will talk to residents about roommate conflict resolution.
2) 8/27: IKEA trip
Ashdown and Edgerton will be hosting an IKEA outing next week Wednesday (August 27th) at 10:30 am by4:30pm. Tickets will cost 5 dollars and can be purchased at the GSC information booth next week. The buses leave from Edgerton and there will be return stops at Edgerton, Ashdown and Sidpac. This is a great opportunity to pick up all those dorm essentials you have been missing and enjoy some great swedish food!
3) 8-10 AM on 9/3: Welcome Breakfast by House Staff
Come meet the House Staff over a delicious breakfast! Please RSVP your attendance at the Front Desk by August 29.
4) 6:30 PM on 9/4: Welcome BBQ by the Housemasters
5) 6-9 PM on 9/6: Orientation BBQ 
At Edgerton House courtyard.


Memorial Day BBQ 5/26/14

Come celebrate the START of summer and the END of finals at Edgerton House this Memorial day ! There will be  BBQed deliciousness (grilled chicken, sausages, burgers, burgers and burgers!), other tasty treats, some sweet tunes, the excellent company of peers and possibly impromptu ball games! 

WHAT: Memorial Day BBQ
WHEN: Monday the 26th,  May the 2014th,  6 pm
WHERE: Edgerton House, courtyard 
CONTACT: eha-social@mit.edu



Please bring your own plates and utensils. You can help us reduce waste and claim extra food if you bring your own plate. 



We’d also appreciate some volunteers to help with the event, please contact us at¬†eha-social@mit.edu¬†to sign up !(PS. volunteers-get-dibs *wink*wink*)