Edgerton is the on-campus graduate residence closest to the entrance of 77 Massachusetts Avenue (Lobby 7). Located on Albany Street, the walk to campus is only about 3 blocks.

Edgerton House
143 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Access to Public Transportation

Northwest Shuttle, MIT operated
Schedule Information
The Northwest Shuttle picks up and drops off across the street from Edgerton House. It has stops along Vassar St, at the Kendall T station, at the Tang Center (Sloan), etc.

1 Bus, MBTA
Schedule Information

The inbound 1 Bus picks up in front of the parking lot located on the corner of Albany St and Mass Ave. It makes stops at Hynes Convention Center, Symphony Hall, etc. The outbound 1 Bus picks up across the street on Mass Ave and heads down in the direction of Central and Harvard Square.

Central Square and Kendall Square T Stations (Red Line), MBTA
Central Square, Kendall Square
The Central Square T station is a few blocks north, on the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Western Ave. It is about a 5 to 10 minute walking distance. The Kendall Square T station is located on the intersection of Main St, Broadway, and Third St. It is approximately a 15 minute walking distance.