Edgerton House owns two bicycles with locks that residents are able to check out. Check-out works through a first-come-first-serve system that is overridden by a reservation calendar. The front desk holds keys to the bikes’ locks and checks them out so long as there is no previous reservation for a given time slot. In addition, residents may reserve the bicycles for particular periods of time. These reservations shall not exceed 12 hours or extend past 11pm. All bikes must be returned before 11pm every day. Residents must reserve the bicycles if they intend to use them for more than 4 hours. Check-outs made without reservations will include an estimated (and non-binding) return time as a courtesy to the next resident.


If you would like to check out a bicycle, please read the bicycle policy and waiver document carefully, then download and fill out the waiver and contact the resources chair at eha-resources@mit.edu.