Puzzles & Pies! Thursday July 14th, 7-9pm in the Large Lounge

Come with your friends to eat pie, solve puzzles, and drink coffee / tea. Bond over the appetizers and the puzzle-solving experience!

Three puzzles/challenges will be presented sequentially over the course of the two hour event:

1) Given 200 toothpicks and 40 gumdrops, build a tiny bridge in 30 minutes. Prizes awarded to teams with (A) longest bridge, (B) tallest bridge and (C) bridge that holds the most weight.

2) Given 10 sheets of letter-size paper and a 12″ piece of masking tape, build the tallest free-standing structure you & your friends can in 30 minutes.

3) Jigsaw (100 pieces). First team to complete gets the prestigious and mysterious PUZZLER’S TREASURE for keeps. Second team gets an ordinary, boring, prize. Third team gets a joke prize (although the other prizes are kind of jokes too).

EHAPuzzles & Pies (4) mini