In the event of a fire or other emergency in Edgerton, residents are directed to meet in a designated meeting area outside of the building. Therefore in an attempt to increase fire safety on the campus, MIT’s office of Environment Health and Safety has requested that each dormitory on campus post on its web site its assigned meeting locations.

Edgerton House also has volunteer fire marshals who help residents evacuate in case of an emergency. The mailing list for contacting the fire marshals is eh-fire at

Each dorm at MIT has two meeting places — one for “good weather” and another for inclement weather (rain, snow, bitter cold). For Edgerton House:

  • Good weather location: The sidewalk in front of the Warehouse (NW30).
  • Inclement weather location: The lobby of Sidney-Pacific (NW86).

In the event the building is evacuated for a fire or other emergency, please meet at the appropriate location. See the MIT Residential Fire Safety page for further details on campus fire safety.