Edgerton IT Resources

Edgerton House has some IT resources available to residents. A dedicated IT chair serves on the house association to answer your questions and to assist you with anything related to the computing resources available here.


Edgerton House provides Internet access through Ethernet jacks and wireless 802.11 access points. If you have an athena account you should be able to just plug in your computer and configure network automatically using DHCP. MIT IS&T has a page with more information about networking in the dorms. If you need any additional help, please contact IS&T directly.


The copier is in the small lounge and is coin operated, it costs $0.05 per page to make copies.


You can print to the HP Laserjet 8150DN printer in the small lounge. You will be billed $0.05 per page at the end of the year for the pages you print. The first 100 pages are free.

For single-sided printing: edgerton
For duplex (double-sided) printing: edgerton2

As of Friday, August 31st 2007, printers in public Athena clusters no longer require Kerberos authentication. Before this change it was necessary to set up special software on Macintosh and Windows computers called KLP or “Kerberized LPR” to print to these printers. Macintosh and Windows computers are able to print to Athena cluster printers using the standard LPR/LPD printing software that comes with these operating systems, as described by the instructions on the Printing at MIT page. This makes it much easier for community members to set up their Macintosh and Windows computers to print to public printers in Athena clusters. Printers will still accept Kerberos authentication if presented, so if your Athena, Macintosh, or Windows computer is already set up to public Athena cluster printers, you do not need to change anything.

If the printer is running out of paper or toner, please inform the IT chair (eha-it at mit.edu).

Fax machine

You can also send and receive faxes at the front desk. The fax number is x3-4765.